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Email Marketing Systems


1. Fmc Lending Branch Partners receive free use of our marketing servers.

2. Each branch can send up to 100,000 marketing email per month.

3. Our marketing department will design 1 marketing piece per month and manage all sending.

Mailing Marketing Program  

1. Fmc Lending Branch Partners receive free use of our mailing services- stock as available.

2. With your addresses provided we will create, stuff and mail the marketing material at cost.

3. Return custom responders can be designed through this department.

Custom New Branch Websites

1. Fmc Lending Branch Partners can receive custom build websites.

2. Each custom site is build with state of art technology and links into corp system.

3. Automated systems for retail and wholesale origination.

4. Discounted cost, contact marketing department for branch pricing.

Custom New Web Based Internal Email

1. Each Branch Partner will receive a custom web based email.

2. 24/7 access to web based email, calendar and appointment book.

3. Real time mobile apps for instant email.

Custom Flyers For Realtor Sale Transactions

1. Custom flyers designed for Realtors to advertise your products at open house.

Design Services 

1. Custom designers from our marketing department can create amazing graphics and templates.

2. Custom design Flyers.

3. Custom design Marketing materials.

4. Custom design email marketing material, HTML, Text etc.

5. Custom design paperwork for retail or wholesale needs.

6. Custom design Websites.

7. Custom design Web based marketing materials.

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